Sekerlisoy Companies Group

About Us

The foundations of the SEKERLISOY Associated Companies were laid with the establishment of the Gul Pharmaceutical Warehouse and Health Care Services that exists to this day in Elazig, where Dr. Ali Sekerlisoy started his medical profession in 1987. The Group has become one of Turkey’s leading groups with rapid growth. In 2010 it entered into the Iraqi market for the first time by exporting dry food and aluminum, and gained momentum with the investments it made in the construction and energy sectors. The group has completed its institutionalization process, and stabilized its growth. The group operates in 6 sectors, in the areas of health, construction, tourism and services, agriculture, and energy. SEKERLISOY Companies Groupmoves on to be permanent and leave its mark in sectors within which it operates. Believing in the importance of being permanent as much as new breakthroughs, the group has reached permanence as a result of the synergy among the dynamic and professional management mentality, and skilled employees. The group operates in light of its founder’s motto, which says, “no matter what you are doing, be the world’s best in that, or least aspire to be one”; and it directs its actions towards the principles of customer satisfaction, and safety. SEKERLISOY Companies Groupowes the success it attained in a short span of time to always aiming for the best, and to follow the footsteps of its founder by working as diligent and careful as a doctor. The group will continue its growth henceforward in a way that will allow it to respond to the needs of Turkey and the region. SEKERLISOY Companies Group shares with all of its employeesthe well-deserved pride derived from its achievements thus far, and dedicates its future successes to its country.

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